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    Amber Prayer Beads


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    Amber Prayer Beads

    We sell nice Muslim prayer beads made of natural Baltic amber for you and your family. Our author’s products have been made in compliance with religious tradition and consist of 33 or 99 beads, minaret and a tassel. After every 11 stones spacers grains are put which differ from other stones by their form and size and sometimes by their shade that creates unusual combinations.

    What are amber prayer beads used for?

    Muslim-gifts prayer beads will give you a high spiritual mood and a feeling of peace while saying the 99 names of Allah and reciting prayers. Handling beads during religious ceremonies and at normal times can improve concentration and mindfulness. Calm movements put you on a positive wave, reduce anxiety and bring peace to your life.

    Muslim amber prayer beads will become not only a religious attribute for you but also a luxurious wrist decoration emphasizing your bright individuality by its unique design. Women and men appreciating not only practical but also nice things choose amber prayer beads.

    How do we make our products?

    Artisans make prayer beads by hand, which allows to fully reveal the unique sophistication of a real Baltic stone. Special secrets and unique processing technologies are used to manufacture products. Muslim prayer beads is a great accessory for men that emphasizes your high status and good taste.

    Why do people choose our products?

    Muslim-gifts is a unique store of Muslim gifts, where you can buy the best amber prayer beads.

    • We sell handmade products and fully control the manufacturing process. We carefully make jewelry for you and guarantee the high quality of the products. We have our own production at the Baltic region.

    • We work without intermediaries; we make and sell our own handmade jewelry. Due to this, the price of products is moderate.

    • We use real amber, which we buy at the only commercial amber mining site in the world for processing and production. We choose the best raw material in the region of the world, where more than 90% of the world's amber reserves which more than 50 million years old are concentrated.

    • Our artisans have great experience in processing amber and making high quality jewelry.

    • You can order from anywhere in the world. We will carefully deliver your order just in time.

    The site has a convenient payment system. To buy amber prayer beads is easy - just add the selected item to your cart and place your order, entering all the necessary information.

    Here you can find the perfect product as a gift for yourself and your loved ones. Amber prayer beads will definitely delight you and your loved ones, who will remember you with warmth every time during prayer and hours of solitude.

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