About us

Production is located
in the Baltic region -

That is why we use only Baltic amber, which is over 50 million years old.

This amber is considered the most famous and best in the world. Baltic amber is valued all over the world, both by experts and ordinary people for its unique beauty.
Only Baltic amber has such a rich color palette and many shades. All the craftsmen who work in production have seen amber and amber products from birth, and that is why no one knows this material better than them and cannot make such high-quality products.


The company employs the best domestic and foreign craftsmen and designers who have extensive experience working with natural amber. Many masters have more than 30 years of experience. We are proud of our team.

Our craftsmen have extensive experience and secrets in the processing and production of products from Baltic amber. In production, we use all the accumulated experience, traditions and unique technologies for processing amber. Craftsmen make each product by hand, which allows you to fully reveal the beauty of real Baltic stone.

Natural Baltic amber
and precious woods
Our company specializes in the production of high-quality products and jewelry.
Muslim Gifts, a project of AMBERBEADS
- one of our priority areas since 2017. Here are the author's works from natural Baltic amber. On our website you can find a large selection of products: rosaries, gift boxes for rosaries, various types of beads
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